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Uncover key insights and use them to solve real business problems, with SPSS Inc.'s Modeling family.

Access, organize, and model all types of data from within a single intuitive visual interface. Build reliable models and deploy results quickly to meet business goals. Collaboration capabilities boost user productivity, and server-based options dramatically increase scalability and performance.

PASW Modeler

Quickly discover patterns and trends in your data, using a unique visual interface supported by advanced analytics.

PASW Modeler Server

Extract key insight from vast amounts of data in a very short time with enterprise-level technologies. Leverage in-database mining and share results broadly, easily.

PASW Text Analytics

Discover new insights and develop better models by including valuable text data in your analyses.

PASW Modeler Products

PASW Association

This module helps you discover patterns and links between products, actions, and behavior - enabling you to use information about association and order to predict future events. Once you identify these links, patterns, and sequences, you can use them to improve decision making in a wide variety of applications.

It includes these algorithms: A Priori, a popular association discovery algorithm with advanced evaluation functions. CARMA, an association algorithm that supports multiple consequents. And Sequence, an algorithm that is used for order-sensitive analyses.

PASW Classification

This module helps you create better classification and regression models using a range of advanced techniques.

It includes these algorithms: Neural Networks, which enables you to explore subtle or hidden patterns in your data. C5.0, an advanced decision tree and rule-induction algorithm. And Decision List, a rule-based algorithm that enables you to include your own business knowledge. This module supports the efficient creation of models that are both more subtle, more accurate, and more relevant to your business.

PASW Segmentation

This module helps you create clusters of similar examples or customers and detect unusual or anomalous cases. For example, you can use clusters to tailor your marketing and product or program strategies to specific groups in order to increase sales and build loyalty.

It includes three powerful clustering algorithms: the TwoStep algorithm is based on hierarchical techniques, which are used to arrive at the best number of clusters for the particular problem. A Kohonen network, also called a "self-organizing map" (SOM), is used to uncover patterns that may be hidden in high-dimensional data. The anomaly detection algorithm finds items that do not fit the pattern and provides information about why they do not fit.

PASW Modeler Solution Publisher

What happens after you discover information that can transform your enterprise? Are your discoveries used by those who need them most? What if they needed the information a week ago? What opportunities do you miss by not deploying a data mining solution? Learn how PASW Modeler Solution Publisher helps you make better decisions through cost-effective deployment.

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