ShowCase Reporting Solution

Provide decision makers with efficient tools to access data, create reports, and automate and streamline the process of creating and maintaining relational and multidimensional databases.

ShowCase Query

Easily access information throughout your organization without relying on IT. With ShowCase Query, users can build SQL statements easily and manage queries efficiently, as well as:

  • Support responsive, informed decision-making
  • View data in ways that help them understand conditions more clearly
  • Streamline the building and execution of SQL statements
  • Integrate results directly into spreadsheets using a powerful Excel™ add-in
  • Run both scheduled and ad hoc queries
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Easily build Queries to include the data you need

Easily build Queries to include the data you need

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Integrate data into Excel and easily refresh with the ShowCase Excel Add-in

Integrate data into Excel and
easily refresh with the ShowCase Excel Add-in

ShowCase Report Writer

With ShowCase Report Writer, everyone can create and deploy customized reports using results obtained with ShowCase Query:

  • Efficiently create presentation-quality reports—even crosstab reports—and make a professional impression during business meetings and sales calls
  • Streamline report creation by using drag-and-drop tools
  • Give reports more visual impact by introducing graphic elements, such as logos
  • Easily format fonts, colors, column and row sizes
  • Support your brand and save time by using pre-set style sheets, avoiding the need to reformat each new report
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Easily build print ready reports

Easily build print ready reports

Enterprise Reporting

The capabilities formerly provided by ShowCase Enterprise Reporting are now available through PASW Collaboration and Deployment Services (formerly called SPSS Predictive Enterprise Services™).

PASW Collaboration and Deployment Services is a analytical platform that provides your organization with a foundation that enables you to:

  • Facilitate the sharing of reporting assets and foster greater collaboration across teams, departments, and geographic locations
  • Automate reporting processes for greater reliability, performance, and control
  • Deliver reporting to the right people, in the right way, on a scheduled basis or in real time; and also integrate results with operational systems
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Automated reporting processes

Automated reporting processes

ShowCase Warehouse Builder

ShowCase Warehouse Builder simplifies data transformation, loading, and replication, as well as building your data mart or data warehouse:

  • Select specific rows or columns from one or more tables in a transactional database and move this information to new or existing tables for development
  • Assign meaningful names to any column or table
  • Create calculated results columns

Through ShowCase Warehouse Builder, the ShowCase Suite integrates with a number of leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, including Oracle® JD Edwards World™ and EnterpriseOne™.

ShowCase Warehouse Manager

Protect both information integrity and system resources with ShowCase Warehouse Manager:

  • Secure data at the collection, library, table/view, column, and row levels without affecting other applications
  • Secure data by user or group of users
  • Create and manage user and group profiles

By using the Resource Manager and License Manger, you can:

  • Monitor use across multiple ShowCase products
  • Define the actions that specific users or groups can take with respect to your data
  • Set job priorities to optimize resources
  • Monitor system usage and tune system performance for optimal data access

What's New in ShowCase Reporting Solution

  • Manage your reporting assets more efficiently, automate report creation and publishing, and provide a broader range of business users with browser-based access to critical information through an enterprise-level reporting platform
  • Leverage all of your data to drive better business performance thanks to improved operability with current versions of leading technology products and platforms
  • Add predictive capabilities to your ShowCase Suite reporting solution, which now integrates with SPSS Inc.'s family of predictive analytics technology

What's New in ShowCase Suite 8.0

Highlights of the new features and enhancements available with ShowCase Suite.