ShowCase OLAP Solution

The ShowCase Suite's best-of-breed OLAP component provides real-time analytics delivered through easy-to-use front ends that make multi-dimensional analysis available to more users within your organization.

Essbase for IBM i

With Essbase® for IBM i, you can efficiently use existing data to improve any aspect of your operations—for example, your understanding of customer profitability, product profitability, product quality, and more.

  • Use standard business terms to search for information, and then explore it with familiar front-end tools
  • Include details such as dates, text, and duplicate names for more meaningful analysis
  • Use customized calendars and time balancing to analyze date-sensitive information
  • Combine data from multiple sources in a single, summarized view
  • Customize how data is stored to optimize retrieval times and maximize storage space
  • Streamline administration with one-step backup and recovery
  • Decrease load times and build smaller databases for improved productivity and faster refreshing of data
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Build your OLAP database to match your unique business needs.

Build your OLAP database to match your unique business needs.

Web Analysis for IBM i

Web Analysis for IBM i makes it easy for your organization's business users to view and interact with information contained in your Essbase applications through a Web browser.
For example, they can:

  • Rank, filter, and sort data according to a number of variables or "dimensions"
  • Carry out complex calculations using powerful, built-in formulas
  • Explore both summarized and detailed data in a variety of ways
  • Control the look and feel of reports for more effective analysis and easier maintenance
  • Create reports that can be updated automatically and “dashboards” that place key measures from a number of internal and external sources on a single screen
  • Embed reports into documents, presentations, Web pages, and portals
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Easy to build dashboards based on multi-dimensional data for the business users

Easy to build dashboards based on
multi-dimensional data for the business users

With Web Analysis, you can leverage all of the information contained in Essbase, as well as information from relational databases. And because it is browser-based, Web Analysis can be deployed easily and cost effectively throughout your organization.


With the SmartView feature, you can seamlessly integrate multi-dimensional reports with Microsoft® Office applications to provide a familiar front end for viewing and sharing analytical results:

  • Embed links to live reports in Excel®, Outlook, PowerPoint®, and Word documents and refresh data at any time with a single click
  • Create reports within any Microsoft Office application using the report building wizard
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Embed Reports Directly into
Microsoft® Office Applications

Embed Reports Directly into
Microsoft® Office Applications

What's New in ShowCase OLAP Solution

Essbase 11 for IBM i offers capabilities to help you provide more meaningful analysis, including:

  • Customize reporting to match your organization’s business calendar. Model any calendar, including Gregorian, manufacturing, retail, ISO, and fiscal calendars, so business users can analyze information in ways that make sense for their particular business needs.
  • Use substitution variables in more places when building outlines and load rules, reducing hard coding and tedious application maintenance.
  • View data and perform basic analysis through a faster, lighter-weight Web browser interface.
  • Format data more easily with features such as simplified member selection and the ability to apply formatting changes to the entire grid.

What's New in Essbase® and Web Analysis for IBM i 11

The ShowCase Suite includes Essbase for IBM i and Web Analysis for IBM i, best-of-breed online analytical processing (OLAP) components for the IBM i platform.

Web Analysis 11 for IBM i includes new options for viewing and interacting with data, such as:

  • A faster, lighter-weight Web browser interface
  • Seamless integration of multi-dimensional reports with Microsoft® Office applications, as well as integration with portals and Web pages