The Most Comprehensive Predictive Analytics Suite

SPSS Inc. technology encapsulates advanced mathematical and statistical expertise to extract predictive knowledge that when deployed into existing processes makes them adaptive to improve outcomes.
Our Predictive Analytics Software will help you:

  • Capture all the information you need about people's attitudes and opinions.
  • Predict the outcomes of interactions before they occur.
  • Act on your insights by embedding analytic results into business processes.

Data Collection

Data Collection Family

Don't settle for what you think you know about people's attitudes, preferences, and opinions. Get an accurate view with SPSS Inc.'s Data Collection family, including our leading IBM SPSS Data Collection product line for survey and market research.


Statistics Family

Are you making decisions purely on gut feel? Discover what more than 250,000 customers know: with SPSS Inc.'s Statistics family, including IBM SPSS Statistics (formerly SPSS Statistics), you can be confident in your results and decisions.


Modeling Family

Let reliable models repeatedly guide decision making. The IBM SPSS Modeling family, including the leading analytics workbench, IBM SPSS Modeler Professional, enables you to discover hidden relationships in both structured and unstructured (text) data - and anticipate the outcomes of future interactions.


Deployment Family

Guiding everyday decisions with predictive analytics is the key to success today. Turn to the IBM SPSS Deployment family to make smarter decisions everyday. Integrate the power of analytics into the DNA of your business with the IBM SPSS Deployment family.