PASW Statistics 18

Unveiling the Fresh New Look of

What’s new in PASW Statistics 18

Improved automation

The Automated Data Preparation feature (in PASW Data Preparation) detects and corrects quality errors in one efficient step

New analysis and reporting

New nonparametric tests (in PASW Statistics Base)

Post-computed categories (in PASW Custom Tables)

Significance tests (in PASW Custom Tables)

Rule checking in Secondary SPC Charts (in PASW Statistics Base)

Improved architecture and technology

Improved performance and display for large pivot tables for all modules

Enhanced Model Viewer allows for interactive visualizations for Two Step Cluster analysis and Nonparametric tests (in PASW Statistics Base), and Automated Data Preparation (in PASW Data Preparation)

Improved performance of commonly used procedures such as Frequencies, Crosstabs, Descriptive statistics (in PASW Statistics Base Server)

Additional support of 64-bit hardware on Windows and Mac Platforms

New products and modules

PASW Direct Marketing

enables marketers to run key analyses on their own

PASW Bootstrapping

makes it easy for analyst to use this valuable technique

PASW Statistics Developer

makes it easy to work with R and share procedures with others

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