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Dimensions provides organizations with industry-leading technologies that capture people's attitudes, opinions, and preferences and incorporate feedback into your business processes. Using Dimensions, you can quickly and easily reach the right audience, through the best channel, with the right questions in the right language. The product provides a secure, centralized framework for the entire research lifecycle, adding control and efficiency to survey creation, data collection, and reporting of results.

One Framework Supports All Your Data Collection Needs

SPSS Inc. (NASDAQ: SPSS) is the world's leading provider of predictive analytics software and solutions. The company's predictive analytics technology improves business processes by giving organizations consistent control over decisions made every day. By incorporating predictive analytics into their daily operations, organizations become Predictive Enterprises—able to direct and automate decisions to meet business goals and achieve measurable competitive advantage.

Dimensions makes it easy for your organization to make data-driven decisions that include people's attitudes and preferences. Reach broad audiences through multiple channels and in multiple languages, capture opinions and deliver insights quickly.

Using Dimensions survey research software products, your organization can:

¨ Create powerful, visually appealing survey that engage your respondent

¨ Centralize standardize and secure survey assets

¨ Broaden data collection options beyond web and phone

¨ Increase efficiency for the research call center

¨ Deliver survey results across the enterprise

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