PASW Data Collection Data Entry
a modern approach to data entry that assures your surveys capture quality data quickly, accurately and efficiently, with oversight and visibility for all stakeholders in the data collection process.

PASW Data Collection Data Entry combines two powerful technologies, PASW Data Collection Author and PASW Data Collection Interviewer to enable users to Create professional surveys quickly and capture quality data efficiently, ensuring that you can start analysis and find the insight faster.


  • Create professional surveys as easily as you would a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation
  • Leverage existing PASW Statistics files to jump-start your data collection efforts
  • Support all question types - single response, multiple response, text date and numeric - as well as complex questions such as matrices and grids
  • Use sophisticated validation, including go-to, list-filtering and skip-and-fill, to keep your data clean and accurate
  • A configurable, keyboard-driven data entry interface ensures that users can enter data quickly and accurately, in a way that is comfortable for them
  • Real-time validation, with visual and audio cues, keeps data clean during the data entry process, making sure you can start your analysis at any point
  • Oversight and visibility into data entry through validation and verification, including double-entry
  • Data entry project and case management lets users work on multiple projects easily while providing the ability to stop and re-start records and keep track of their work
  • Support for single user data entry as well as sophisticated data entry operations, involving multiple data entry specialists and supervisors

See PASW Data collection Data Entry in action

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