PASW Bootstrapping helps you create more reliable models that generate the most accurate results for your important projects

It's important that your models are stable, so that they will produce accurate, reliable results. Whether you conduct academic or scientific research, study issues in the public sector, or provide the analyses that support business decision-making, bootstrapping is a useful technique for testing model stability. And PASW Bootstrapping makes it simple and easy to do.

  • Quickly and easily estimate the sampling distribution of an estimator by re-sampling with replacement from the original sample
  • Estimate the standard errors and confidence intervals of a population parameter
  • Estimate the mean, median, proportion, odds ratio, correlation coefficient, regression coefficient, and numerous others
  • Create thousands of alternate versions of your dataset for more accurate analysis

Supporting products

PASW Boostrapping provides the ability to boostrap a number of analytical procedures found throughout the PASW Statistics product family, including:

Descriptive Procedures Product
Descriptive PASW Statistics Base
Frequencies PASW Statistics Base
Examine PASW Statistics Base
Means PASW Statistics Base
Crosstabs PASW Statistics Base
T-tests PASW Statistics Base

Correlations / Nonparametric Correlations

PASW Statistics Base
Partial Correlations PASW Statistics Base

Modeling Procedures Product
One-way PASW Statistics Base
UniAnova PASW Statistics Base
GLM PASW Advanced Statistics
Regression PASW Regression
Nominal Regression PASW Regression
Discriminant PASW Statistics Base

Logistic Regression

PASW Regression
Binary Multi-nominal / Logistic Ordinal Regression PASW Statistics Base
GENLIN PASW Advanced Statistics
Linear Mixed Models PASW Advanced Statistics
Cox Regression PASW Advanced Statistics

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